[Resolved] one is resolved but the other is

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    brtekim on #36363

    one is resolved.
    the other is not resloved.

    so. I brought it here.

    My Problem========================

    I want to make my own postion.
    I want to change like this.

    Activity – 10
    Profile – 20
    +++++ My point –
    +++++ My board –
    Notifications – 30
    Messages – 50
    Friends – 60 <<<<<< I want to hide this one.
    Settings – 100


    You said
    Thank you for using the plugin.
    Please use number 21 for “My Point” and Number 22 for “My Board”.

    I have answered your question about removing a tab in another topic. Please take a look.


    I designate 21, 22 number.
    I tried but it is not working.

    Can you help me to move the position.

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    Brajesh Singh on #36371

    Please link me to a screenshot showing the tab setting and the front end tabs list on the profile.

    Thank you

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