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    smart life on #12199


    It may took few times, but i found that buddydev should create your own dashboard-admin/buddydev/ all plugin created by buddydev here. This should be easier or user know which plugin need setting, which don’t need.

    Because now some setting store inside buddypress setting, some don’t need, some inside setting. Group like this easier for who membership hold many plugin easier to manager.

    How do you think?

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    Ravi on #12202


    Thank you for the suggestion. Buddydev already has a plugin to list plugins from BuddyDev which enables users automatic upgrade for all of BuddyDev plugins & themes. Please check the following URL

    But we think settings should define their own way i.e global should be placed under Settings menu and BuddyPress settings should be there under the BuddyPress settings tab.


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    smart life on #12205

    Thank you.

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    Brajesh Singh on #12210

    Hi Julia,
    Thank you for the suggestion. What @ravisharma said has been our stand till now.
    Since I have seen a few other members having the same notion, I and my team are reconsidering it now.

    We will most probably add a main menu in WordPress dashboard for all our plugins. It might have been a wrong decision on our part to not do it earlier. We will be rolling it out in next quarter after the current plugins are all available.

    Thank you

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    smart life on #12217

    Hi. There is no need any plugin.

    Just change direction on setting location.

    Example: Buddyboss, where is also professional add-on theme for buddypress. Each plugin or theme created by theme stored at:
    Dashboard admin/ buddyboss/ all-plugin-setting here.

    The true who know use web, noone liked to connect auto update, which can broken website.

    The location of setting is enough (no API or autoupdate, i would like to use plugin whithout any connection or share my web with anyone, some plugins i asked refund because these forced connect actualy, the true i don’t want anyone know my website used wordpress in each small conner as much as i can hide it). It will speend around 1-2 hours to change location setting of +-100 yours plugins for these. 🙂

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    Brajesh Singh on #12219

    Thank you Julia.

    I too agree with you about data sharing. That’s why our plugins never ask it. We do not believe in tracking our members sites.

    We will never force that in future. Even the API to allow auto upgrade is optional.

    Yes, I too have seen some plugins that force for sharing data and I do not like that. Good to hear that you share the same feeling.

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