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    Paul on #3808

    I have implemented a gallery search using the filter “mpp_main_media_query_args”… the filter works great but the pager at the bottom of the page appends the page vars to the query string not the path. I had to write some js to rearrange things so that “/page/2” for example is after the path and not after the query string “?var=&var=&var=”. How might I change this so that the pager works correctly instead of having to use the js which creates a jump in the page loading because of the refresh?

    I need the pager links to be something like this: site.com/gallery/gallery-name/page/2/?search_term=foo&submit=search
    instead of


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    Brajesh Singh on #3819

    Hi Paul,
    I am sorry about the issue.

    It is a bug and we will need to update the way the links are generated on single gallery page to account for your case. I will be exploring and updating you in a day or two with the changes.

    Thank you

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