(paying optional) New Field Group on Registration Page Not Showing

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    SALEAM S M SHEHRI on #34320


    I will pay for solving this if someone knows how to.

    Problem: I created a new field group with extra fields like phone and birthday…etc
    it was working fine
    but today I noticed that this field group got disappeared from the registration page. I was working with Youzer plugin settings and I thought I might be the cause then I tried to reset Youzer plugin but didn’t solve it then I tried to test the problem and I moved the new fields to the primary field group and it showed up but the problem is when I move it back to its group it is getting disappeared again

    Detail about the problem:
    – Single site
    – WordPress 5.5.3
    – Crelub.com
    – BuddyPress 6.3.0
    – There is no multi network or multiblog mode enabled
    – Eventalk theme 1.5.3 (Aug 11, 2020)

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    Brajesh Singh on #34325

    I am closing this in favour of the other post

    Let is continue the discussions there.


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