Paypal sucks


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    Bill Gram-Reefer on #47442

    get another vendor

    I made one completed purchase after you force me to use Paypal. now I see their are two other pending purchases I never completed becasue paypal would not let me complete the address field it kept going back to email field. Tehn insisted on using my residence instead of mailing address used for card. ARRGH Pay PAL is a predator!!

    And here I cannot add a screen shot of the order history
    44725 complete
    44724 pending
    44723 pending

    PayPal will bill my card two more times and not refund. That is how they work

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    Bill Gram-Reefer on #47443

    Real companies don’t use PayPal.

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    Brajesh Singh on #47444

    Hi Bill,
    I am very sorry for your experience.

    We are based in India and we have been using PayPal since 2008 as there were no other options for us at that time.

    I have looked through the payment history and PayPal has charged only 1 payment for us. The pending orders on our site are failed orders and I have removed them from your account.

    Once an order fails on our site, they will never be charged by PayPal. We do not retry that.

    I sincerely appreciate you joining our membership and hope that we an makeup for the experience in future.


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