"Please upload your profile photo to start using this site." – Issue

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    Axl on #14640

    as I was able to read several fellows have the same problem as I do – new rregistered members are forced to change or/and upload a picture “Please upload your profile photo to start using this site.” otherwise they can not succeed.

    There have been 2 topics in here and none of them provide a satisfying solution.

    I do not run multiside nor the ominous plugin called “/bp-force-profile-photo/”
    It is NOT caused by template or other plugins as I have the same issue when every Plugin nonrelated to buddypress are deactivated.
    It would be supercool to have this issue solved 🙂

    best regards,

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    Brajesh Singh on #14650

    Hi Axl,
    Are you using a custom theme? If yes, Please try disabling it and using twentyseventeen and see if the issue is resolved.

    Also, the issue comes from BuddyPress dependent codebase, so try renaming bp-custom.php(if preset in wp-content/plugins directory) and disbaling all BuddyPress related plugins one by one to check it.


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