Pluggin Suggestion / Request – Geolocation of Members (preferably with flags)

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    Mike (DesignServe) on #23904

    Dear Buddydev,

    My suggestion is to auto-tag members with their country. Some reasons for suggestion:

    1 – Consistency of country names
    2 – Simple enforcement of country without the member having to do anything
    3 – Helps prevent fraudulent activity (I’ve had many in my old sites pretending to be from different countries)
    4 – Possibility to automatically give the member the flag of their country

    In my former implementation I allowed members to choose their country if they wished but I also added a field for “Country Autodetected”. This also applied their country flag. This allowed me to check for problem customers and also showed me if they were using a VPN.

    Resources (I will add other private resources):

    Geolite 2 Free Downloadable Databases:


    Thanks for your consideration.

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    Mike (DesignServe) on #23905
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    Mike (DesignServe) on #23906

    Adding – showing the member their flag at signup and that their country was known reduced the number of troublemakers massively 🙂

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