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    Venutius on #5814

    Hi Brajesh,

    I’ve been looking at other social networking sites and what features they have that BuddyPress does not and two things that BP does not have is profile widgets which allow the user to:

    1. Insert their own Arbitary Text, HTML in and,

    2. Insert their own customer RSS feeds into.

    The idea is that when empty the Widgets would display “Insert your own Text or HTML here” and Insert your favourite RSS feeds here” and would allow the user to click on that link, to be taken to an editor which would allow them to insert their text/html and rss feed url.

    Would such things be possible?

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    Brajesh Singh on #5817

    Hi George,
    Though these things are possible, The html part is going to be a security nightmare for xss attack unless we limit to what can be allowed.

    Also, At the moment, my team is unable to do anything like this due to lack of time, so my apologies. I will suggest posting at BuddyPress.org forums to have a better chance to having it completed.

    Thank you

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