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    theronin on #6214

    Allow members to submit quotes from other members. The submitter would be required to enter the username and copy and paste the text to be quoted as well as a link to the source if possible. Admin approves or rejects submitted quotes. Approved quotes are displayed in a widget or via shortcode.

    Of course it would be awesome if users could highlight any piece of text anywhere (activity stream, forum, blog, comment, etc) and automatically have it sent in as a quote submission automatically including the user being quoted and from where but I imagine that would be quite involved.

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    Brajesh Singh on #6244

    Thank you for the idea.

    It seems to be very specific to a particular use case. We would love to work on ideas which have more general purpose appeal and help large number of users. In this case, we do not find value to work on this idea.

    I will ssuggest posting it on BuddyPress.org and see if anyone can pick it up.

    Thank you

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