Post Author Changed, but Activity & Post pages come out wrong

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    Rigsby on #40778

    This is such a strange one.

    I can change the author for multiple posts by using the Quick Edit feature on the Posts page, but something weird happens on the Activity & Post pages.

    FYI: I have two users – it’s a new site not yet launched

    I switched all 196 posts from Admin to Connie using Quick Edit. It worked.

    1. On Connie’s /activity page, where I was expecting to see a long page of all 196 posts, it only shows 1 post (ONE!)

    2. On Connie’s /posts page it shows all 196, but one on each page. Great, but who wants to click through 196 pages?

    So, it looks like all posts did get assigned to Connie, great, but…

    3. On Admin’s /activity page, all 196 posts are visible on one long page, if you scroll far enough. They all say “Admin wrote a new post”. Why? I changed them all to Connie, and they shouldn’t even be visible in this activity feed; this page should be empty

    4. On Admin’s /posts page it is empty (as it should be)

    5. In phpMyAdmin, I even bulk-changed the post_author ID from 1 to 8, and that worked both ways, too. I was hoping it would flush out the bad seed, but there’s still no change on the frontend.

    Question – Why is my database like this? My hosts won’t help me because it’s not what they do; they said it is a WordPress / BuddyPress issue, but I don’t entirely believe them.

    Thanks in advance for all of your replies and suggestions 🙂

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    Rigsby on #40779

    PS – I forgot to mention that I created a test post for next year, September 2022, but it is showing in Admin’s /activity page.

    I’m scratching my head

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    Brajesh Singh on #40781

    Hi Rigsby,
    Welcome to BuddyDev.

    1,3. is a bug with the activity recording on update for BuddyPress. The activity should update on edit but I checked and do see that if author changes, the activity updation does not change that.
    Please report it at

    2. Please provide context? Are you using our BuddyBlog plugin?


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