Posting with Buddypress Themepack Nouveau [activity-stream allow_posting=1]

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    Brad Benton on #28362

    When using the Activity Shortcode plugin [activity-stream allow_posting=1] it dies not allow posting when using BuddyPress Theme Pack “Nouveau”. It works fine with “Legacy”. I am using the new BuddyBoss theme which untilizes “Nouveau” without option for “Legacy”.

    So now I need to find a way to get posting option to work with “Nouveau”.

    Any assistance is appriciated!

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    Brajesh Singh on #28363

    Hi Brad,
    Thank you for the question.

    At the moment, the plugin can not do that for the BP Nouveau template pack.

    For legacy, we use the form from theme. With nouveau this approach will not work.

    The solution is to create your own implementation of activity form and the form handler.


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