Premium support request – Gallery Reordering – Adding submenu item

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    Christian W Zagarskas on #25434

    I paid the pro membership account, Order #29867
    if additional payment is needed for premium support please let me know
    – we will be happy to purchase assistance.

    Here is a SHORT VIDEO explaining what we are trying to do:

    Here is a more General description of what we are trying to do:
    Add Drag/Drop reordering functionality to a custom ‘Reorder Gallery’ page for members.
    How would we do the following:
    1- add a submenu item under WPadmin menu “Gallery -> Reorder Galleries” (unknown)
    2- add a new submenu item under “Member secondary navigation” menu (unknown)
    3- add a new page to allow “drag/drop” reorder of galleries (unknown)
    4 – AJAX script to save order (we know how to do this)

    We examined
    class MPP_BuddyPress_Component extends BP_Component

    I see that I can “hook in” here
    add_action( 'mpp_setup_nav', 'custom_mpp_setup_reorder_galleries' );


    However, we can not make progress from here and need some assistance
    Please examine the video and let us know the best way to accomplish this task.

    Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

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    Brajesh Singh on #25444

    Hi Christian,

    Thank you for renewing your membership. I sincerely appreciate it..

    I have checked the video and I like the idea about reordering galleries. It will be a nice feature to have in the core itself.

    If you want to do it yourself, You can hook to


    and use


    to add sub nav item.

    If you can sponsor 2 hours of development time, we will gladly add it with 1-2 weeks in the plugin. It will be part of the plugin eventually tough.


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