Private messages disabled for certain roles only in certain groups

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    Travis on #33944

    I am running an WP+Learndash site with BuddyBoss platform, and utilizing groups and subgroups to organize different Course access. Woocommerce subscriptions is creating and assigning new accounts into groups based upon what product they are purchasing (and/or the organization or affiliation they are a member of)

    I have several “Private” general groups for organic traffic customers based upon the course they are enrolling into. I also have a large “Hidden” group with multiple “Private” sub-groups for organizations enrolling students into courses. The groups act as containers to keep the general public separate from the organization students, and the different sub-groups to segregate different organizations.

    The General groups I would like to have group messages and private messages along with a group forum.

    The Hidden groups I want to disable the Student-to-Student private messages, but allow the Group Leader/Moderator-to-Students group messaging.

    I thought I would be able to use the plugin “BuddyPress Private Message Rate Limiter” and have the students assigned a custom named role, and limit the private messaging based on role. But I am unable to assign a custom role through Woocommerce Subscriptions (if it was a Simple Product I would be able to, but not through a variable subscription).

    Thank you for all your assistance!

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    Brajesh Singh on #33958

    Hi Travis,
    Thank you for the question.

    The plugin “BuddyPress Private Message Rate Limiter” does not work with group messages. Though it is easy to enable/disable the messaging for a group, we will need to explore if we can limit who can send/receive messages on the group. It will depend on the BuddyBoss APi.

    Please allow us to explore and get back to you by Tuesday.


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