Problem due to BuddyPress Multi Network plugin

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    P Singh on #7106


    I installed BuddyPress Multi Network plugin on my multisite which already had buddypress installed. Installation seems to have gone well, but now I’m facing following issue:

    In my network there are only three sites including the main site. Installation of BuddyPress Multi Network plugin seems to have separated the buddypress profiles of, say, the superadmin on all the tree sites. Profile of superadmin is working on the main site, but there are no profile fields in its profile on other two sites. When I visited the extended profile of superadmin on the two subsite to create the required profile fields, I saw the message “User marked as spammer: [username of superadmin] has been marked as a spammer. All BuddyPress data associated with the user has been removed” and I can not add the required user profile fields. Same is the case with other test users.

    Can you help me with this please?

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