Problem Updating Profile Fields

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    Thomas Boswell on #49088

    Hello, I have a problem when editing user profiles in the ‘edit’ tab of my profile.

    Basically, I have already enabled the check box for ‘extended profiles’ on the Buddypress settings and I have created various custom profile fields…

    When I go to my profile and click the ‘edit’ tab, I fill in all the profile fields for my profile, then I click ‘save,’ I then refresh the page to view my profile again and nothing is showing on my ‘Base’ profile which I have just filled in and clicked save.

    However, after approximately half an hour of waiting, the base profile finally updates with the filled in profile fields that I filled in half an hour ago. Profile pictures also take a while to update after I click save, it takes approximately 5-10 minutes to update…

    This is incredibly slow to update my profile for some reason and I don’t know what the issue could be. Do you have any idea on how I could solve this issue?

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    Brajesh Singh on #49092

    Hi Thomas,
    Welcome to BuddyDev support forums.

    It seems like a caching issue. Does you site/host have some caching enabled? Try after disabling it.


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