Problem with Messaging Privacy plugin

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    Adam Kingdom on #9362


    I have just installed the message privacy plugin.

    If a member composes a new message to a member who is blocking, that works fine.

    However, if a member is blocking non-friends, and the sender is not a friend but has an existing message conversation with the blocking member, the messages still go through.

    E.g. if 2 members were friends, but one member becomes problematic or abusive and member 2 removes them from friends, they can continue to send messages to the blocking member regardless of the plugin.

    This means the plugin is not really working properly.

    Please let me know how we might fix this, many thanks.

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    Brajesh Singh on #9365

    Hi Adam,
    Thank you for posting.

    You are right about the reply scenario. The plugin Only blocks new message threads and we need to update it for replies blocking.

    Please allow me to update it today and fix it.

    Thank you

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