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    la on #40491

    I have Profile Visibility Privacy and Profile Data Control plugins from you.

    How would I more granularly let users control Timeline settings. Specifically, how can I:
    1. Turn off the ability for someone to comment, or, let the user decide if they will accept comments on their posts.
    2. Let a user decide if their activity shows. I see the way they can hide their last time they were active, but what if a user doesn’t want to display their timeline at all? I don’t see a way to let them control it shows or not. I could see a company would want their timeline of posts to show whereas a job-seeker may not.
    3. Similarly, I did set the default settings in Profile Visibility to NOT show Groups and Connections. However, when you go to the Timeline menu item to view another users profile, it still shows Personal | Likes | Connections | Groups | Mentions | Following.
    If I have the default settings in Profile Visibility privacy settings to be by default don’t show, where is the user able to turn these off and why are they showing at all if I set the default to be not show. They don’t show up in the main navigation, but they do show up in the Timeline sub-navigation.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Brajesh Singh on #40497

    Hi La,
    Thank you for the question.

    The plugin has limited options and does not offer what you are looking for.

    1. Not available.
    2. This is not available too.

    3. The option allows turning off the lists screen(Connection|Groups) screen. It does not hide your activity in these groups.

    I believe that this plugin will not be of much help in this use case.


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