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    Rami Awad on #32051

    Hello Awesome BuddyDev team 🙂

    1- The profile tabs section is crowded enough, can we have an option to load the visitors tab as a sub-menu tab (Just like the circles plugin) under connections (friends) I am using Buddyboss theme and platform. (Instead of just show and hide) – All time – 7 days and 30 days (Can be changed to “All time visitors” or just “Profile Visitors” with a filter for 7 and 30 days.

    2- The header showing visitors avatars in profile is always on so everytime a user logs in he will see the visitors forever, can we have an option to make it disappear upon view? so after the user log in and see the visitors it will clear upon reload, OR add a clear button to unshow the whole header until I get another visit. (Note: After clear if I get another visit it will show the new ones only coz I cleared the past ones)

    (Note: I though that it may clear the visitors whom I viewed back but it isn’t convenient because I have to click on every user profile to visit his profile in order to clear him from the header and may be I dont need to do so, so it will be convenient to clear the header itself showing the avatars when I see it once, then If I need to view the visitors again I can go to the visitors tab (hopefully sub tab under connections) and when I get a new visit the header will appear again with the new visits, then disappear again on reload.

    3- (Bug may be) It shows 2 or more notifications in the notifications and also a duplicate (2 or more) in live notification (your plugin).

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