Question about plugin bp group activities notifier

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    Aladin on #6854

    Hello , some notification link are empty when user click to the notification (specially the notification of new courses added , we used buddypress for learndash ) , so any solution for make all the link of notification not empty and show the status to the users , if possible how ? wish to find some code snipped for fixed the link of each group activites thank you so much

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    Brajesh Singh on #6864

    Hi Aladin,
    Thank you for reporting. I just looked at the plugin and as far as I see, It may be an issue with the BP Learndash.

    Please see the code here


    It is using activity action to show the notification text and it seems that the plugin you are using is most probably storing empty actions.

    I will suggest checking with the plugin’t developer for more details.


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