QUESTION – Problem in Budyppress, if part comments if you have idea

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    MICHAEL on #21525

    Hi brajesh,

    I told Aurel i will ask you, perhaps you have idea or you know where is the problem, it’s 3 days he don’t find,

    We can put comments in wall user Buddypress just when we are Admin account, but if no, we can’t and we have one message who said we put not appropriate word

    Do you know do you have idea how resolve the problem or where we can start to search ?

    Perhaps you had this problem in past ?

    Thanks a lot


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    Brajesh Singh on #21526

    Hi Michaël,
    1. Is there any spam or profanity related plugin on your site that blocks spam/bad words?

    Try disabling them. It seems coming from something like that.


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