[Resolved] Question… Username Availability Checker

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    JohnnyNW on #9739

    Hello, I commented out preg_match( “/[a-z0-9]+/”, $user_name, $maybe ); from line 185 on username-availability-checker.php

    Is this okay? I did this because I want users to be allowed spaces in username field while registering. After they register, the space disappear and their name is one word, i.e. Tay Tay would end up TayTay.

    I did this for the sake of ease and user not seeing errors while trying to register, I just let it happen and they combine on the backend after they registered i.e. Jay Won would end up JayWon.

    Nonetheless, I must ask, do you think there would be any errors in commenting out preg_match( “/[a-z0-9]+/”, $user_name, $maybe ); ?


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    Brajesh Singh on #9771

    It won’t have any effect. It only validates that the username only contain alphabet and number(Is used at another place for testing) but it will not cause any issue.


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