Real Frontend media library feature for Mediapress

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    Alex on #13672


    I submitted a plugin feature request, but I just think it would be great if more people would like to discuss here, so I retype here:

    There are two basic function: blog post and media library.

    since the bad experience of wordpress backend and security consideration, Frontend functions for Post and media management will be the future, like buddypress, bbpress, anspress, frontend post…

    Mediapress is almost a Frontend media library, but still not provide a interface for the possibility to manage or reuse medias which a user uploaded, for example, it will popup a interface to insert images or attached image or upload new images when a user make a blog post, or BBpress topic post, or any other CPT post.

    so what I am think is it would be great if media press would be expanded or some bridge add-on could work as that.


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    Brajesh Singh on #13673

    Hi Alex,
    Thank you.

    MediaPress media are normal WordPress attachments.

    When the new WordPress Gutenberg editor comes, Users will be able to select images from the media library.

    That means, we don’t need to do anything to achieve it, It will be a nice feature available to users without any extra effort.


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