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    studioleland on #15978

    I’m not really getting anywhere with host or with my own investigation. Could I modify the counter to only count visits happening 1 time within a time threshold. For example 5 minutes. So even if they are 1 second apart it will not recount?

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    studioleland on #15986

    Added temporary fix via following condition:

    if( time() - strtotime($myvisitor->visit_time) < 3601) {
    			echo '<script>console.log("Visit too soon!")</script>';

    The strange extra visits were coming from the default Woocommerce install. Woocommerce has added an image preloader of some kind.

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    Brajesh Singh on #15987

    Hi Leland,
    Thank you for finding out. When I have some time, I will love to see the new feature in wooCommerce.

    In the mean time, Please do not echo the script. Simply return.

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