[Resolved] Register Page Customization

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    shelley parker on #12505

    How please do I access the page that loads here: https://community.pointlomatowncouncil.org/register/

    so that I can customize it. I cannot access it anywhere in the back end in my pages view. It is NOT the Pages > Register, page.

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    Brajesh Singh on #12507

    Hi Shelley,
    BuddyPress does not allow logged in user to access register and activation page. You won’t be able to access it while you are logged in.

    The solution is to use two beowsers, in one you are logged in and apply setting and in another you are checking.

    Please do know that you won’t be able to design any of the BuddyPress page using a page builder. As far as I remember, BUddyPress does not support it out of the box.


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