Registering taxonomies for BP Profile Search?

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    Kir on #19931

    Hi there I’ve been talking to the guys at BP Profile Search and they recommended I ask you (link to conversation below).

    Via your plugin X Profile Custom Field Types I’ve applied taxonomies (created via Toolset Types) which i’m using elsewhere around our website, to user pages too. Using your great plugin I’ve been able to add those taxonomies so that when a user registers they can select which terms apply to them.

    I was in contact with BP Profile Search because the final thing I need to do is have the taxonomies / terms appear in the search facility also, so that a site user can check which terms they would like to search for, and all users who ticked that those terms applied to their profiles, would pop up in the results.

    Here’s the link to the info at BP Profile Search, Andrea suggest I ask you guys about adding support for the fields so that they might appear as an option when we press ‘Add Field’.

    I’ve added via your plugin using your custom taxonomy multi select field.

    This is the info they gave me as to how to make it possible to add the taxonomy as a search field

    Thank you 🙂

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    Brajesh Singh on #19953

    Hi Kir,
    I have used Andrea’s excellent guide to add support for some of our field types in past.

    There are issues with using Multi select taxonomy or post type. We store the values in serialised form(and ids only) . It is not suitable for search. That’s why we haven’t added compatibility.

    You will find that most of the other field types offered by us(birthdate, datepicker, color, email, range, slider, decimal) are compatible with Profile search.

    I am sorry for the inconvenience. My suggestion will be to use normal multi select field for the same.


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