[Resolved] Registration popup lags on BuddyPress Ajax Registration

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    Morgan Payne on #40514

    I purchased BuddyPress Ajax Registration earlier today and installed it on my wordpress site at https://wp.racingfans.com.au/

    The problem I’m having though is that when i attempt to use the registration form it doesn’t really do anything after I hit the ‘Register’ button. I get the spinny wheel but no redirect or anything like that.

    I have it setup to ‘Reload current page’ in settings but nothing really happens. The user often will be registered and if i manually refresh that page they’re automatically logged in. It’s just the issue with the popup closing/page reloading.

    Any advice would be appreciated!

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    Morgan Payne on #40515

    Okay I’m not sure what the problem was really but it seems to be working now after i deactivated/deleted some unused plugins and a few other things. Not sure what it was exactly though sorry but I’ll mark this as resolved.

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    Ravi on #40516

    Hello Morgan,

    Thank you for the acknowledgment. I am glad that the problem is resolved.


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