[Resolved] Remove Predefined Group Tab?


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    Nick on #40379

    I am using the BuddyBoss Platform and would like to modify or remove the predefined Group Tab “Send Messages”.

    It has a subnav with two items – Send Group Message and Send Private Message. I would like to get rid of Send Group Message altogether and only have Private Message Available, leaving it as the default subnav item (or even get rid of the subnav altogether and just have the primary tab point to /messages/private-message).

    Is there a way to remove a predefined subnav through BuddyDev Group Tab Creator Pro? If not, is it possible to remove the entire Send Messages tab, and then create a new one that points to /messages/private-message? If not, are you able to provide a snippet that might do the job?


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    Brajesh Singh on #40389

    Hi Nick,
    You can remove any predefined tab. The plugin does not allow editing the sub tabs.

    Please edit the tab and mark it as visible to site admin only. That will remove the tab for others.

    You can add a new tab after removing the old.


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    Nick on #40395

    Thanks! I’ll give that a try

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