Report Content plugin doesn't work with your MediaPress

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    JohnnyNW on #9926

    Hello, hope your day is awesome.

    I’ve tried multiple report plugins, but for some reason none of your MediaPress galleries or images, though they might even specify it as an option, shows the “report” button.

    Does your team have a report button for MediaPress, maybe even as a Premium plugin. I didn’t find anything. Else, give some guidance?


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    Brajesh Singh on #9927

    Hi JohnyNW,
    Thank you for opening the topic.

    We do have an unreleased plugin which allows users to report. Currently it lacks one feature:- We want to allow admin to make all media moderated by default as an option too(A member suggested it recently).

    We will release this in next 4-7 days as we are concentrating the next 2 weeks on MediaPress and its unfinished addons.

    I will message you again after the release.

    Thank you

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