Request for plugin to turn off email notifications

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    Dale Reardon on #18795


    We would love for there to be a one click link to go at the footer of all outgoing emails to let people unsubscribe from every email notification rather than having to go into settings and turn them off one by one.

    We also get people complaing about emails and too lazy to make the changes themselves so we also need a button in the WP admin backend on every users profile – that is when you bring up list of all users, find a user and then edit the user, a button to unsubscribe them from all emails so that we can quickly turn off all their emails for them.

    We are using the group notifications plugin so would need to be able to deactivate both the standard BP notifications and these additional group notifications.

    Emails do really help improve engagement but you do get some troublemakers and complainers.

    How much would it cost to create this addon plugin?


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