Role choice/s for BuddyPress Moderation Tools

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    LX M on #17393

    Hello Brajesh;
    tinkering with capabilities (trying to set who can help moderate items flagged via BuddyPress Moderation Tools) I stumbled onto a setting / option I’d deem painfully missing: Under “General” I would love to see not only a “who can report” but also a select for “Who can moderate / process” flagged items, where the admin can govern what minimum role users must have to (help) working thru the queue of flagged items.

    To illustrate: We’re striving to build a community with not only “subscribers” e.a. native WordPress roles, but a hierarchy (driven via myCred) which we hope to employ engaged users into “policing the neighborhood” for the common good (i.e. not dump this load solely in the lap/s of our administrator/s).
    So, if you could add a select from which an admin team can select one or more roles that should be enabled to process the queue, that would make your fine plugin ieven more awesome, I’d wager 🙂

    What do you think?
    Cheers – LX

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    Brajesh Singh on #17397

    Hi LX,

    Thank you for the suggestion.

    I do believe that it makes sense for larger community managed by multiple users(with hierarchy or so).

    The problem with this approach is related to notifications.

    1. Who gets notified on action?

    2. What happens when one of the moderators reject/clear an items. Will the site admin/other moderators be able to see.

    3. Who can edit a moderation log? Will other moderators be able to edit/change the decisiosn.

    and a lot more.

    It will make the admin settings too much confusion for most of our client base.

    Here is what I will propose and let me know if it suits you or not. We keep the notifications as it is(site admin gets notified) but we add a filter that allows us to let other type of users moderate the reports. Will that work for you use case?


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    LX M on #17402

    Hello Brajesh;
    I was thinking along those lines:

    1.: maybe add a bespoke capability, like “moderate_bd_bmt_flags”. This way, an admin team can assing the capability to roles as they see fit (using User Role Editor or any some suchness);
    you could, if you deem sensible, introduce a new bespoke role who has this very capability, too; or you could add to your documentation that roles that should be able to moderate BMT items, need to be assigned that capability.

    2.: a) Rejected or cleared items should be removed from the “open” queue and logged according to action. The Admin/s, being god/s, should be able to see all actions logged + have the power to revoke actions logged. Like there’s regular police(wo)men + their chief/s.

    3.: as with all hierarchies. On + by the same level, actions should not be countermandable; i.e. what a flag moderator has done should not be able to be undone by any _other_ flag moderator. It should, however, be undoable by the Admin/s.

    As an additional idea down that lane, you might introduce some sort of “appeal” mechanism, consisting of 2 parts: a) the option to clear rejected and cleared items from log after x time units automatically + b) the option to allow the creator of a rejeted item to appeal the decision made (rejection) inside that timefram of x time units (which could then be included in the rejection notification). Appeals could be made moderatable only by admins.
    This might help countering some of the inevitable bitchfighting bound to happen if users get to police each other (which can be held in check by setting the hide threshold higher than 1 or 2). But that’s really just an afterthought.

    Let me know what you think.
    Cheers – LX

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