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    Symeon Vlassis on #6392

    how can i change the plugin so instead of choosing a theme at sign up, to be choosing it from the main menu?

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    Brajesh Singh on #6402

    Hi Symeon,

    I am sorry but it is outside of the scope of that plugin. There are many reasons for not allowing that.

    1. Who will be able to add the shortcode? Since anyone(author) can add the shortcode, It is not a good idea to include it as a ready made things. Also, how do you allow to select users to which blog they want a theme to be active? A user can have more than one blog.

    2. It is possible to do what you are looking for but will be very specific to your site. You can create a shortcode and allow users to select the theme/blog on which they want to activate it.

    Please do note that we won’t be able to provide any custom solution for this as it falls far beyond the scope of the plugin.


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