Send Private Message Button on Member's directory if BP Messsages Plugin is used

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    Daniel on #30694

    Hi there!

    I was trying out the code on this Buddydev blog with regards to adding a send private button on the member’s directory.


    But since I am integrating BP Messages plugin on my buddypress site, it doesn’t get the required link to specific user’s BP messages.

    Whenever I click the send private message on the member’s directory, it only directs me to my generic messages page (https://prnt.sc/sxmrsc) and NOT the specific user’s direct message page(https://prnt.sc/sxmraq).

    In this case, what is the modification needed to the code?


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    Brajesh Singh on #30696

    Hi Daniel,
    Thank you for using the code..
    I do not use the better message plugin, I regret my inability to help with the link. Will suggest asking developers of the better message plugin for correct function to use.


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    Sotiris on #30790

    Hello Daniel,

    You could try the following code in your function.php

     * Get a link to send a BetterMessage PM to the given User.
     * @param int $user_id user id.
     * @return string
    function bm_get_send_private_message_to_user_url( $user_id ) {
        return bp_loggedin_user_domain() . 'bp-messages/?new-message&fast=1&to=' . bp_core_get_username( $user_id );
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