[Resolved] Setting default screen options for specific user groups


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    bo on #13464

    Good day every one, i had been plundering on for over this for over a week

    How can one as an admin set the default screen options for all users in word-press. As having been looking for ways to control the screen option boxes function for several other users (e.g. author, subscriber .etc) As i wanted to un-check some things they see there by placing it default for all users who have that user right.

    As i found with Adminimize plugin one can hide the screen option so it does not get changed that’s good.
    But I am also looking for a code to assist by default implement the screen option boxes function a user with certain right can see.
    Although i saw a plugin but it seems not to work at all,as the plugin used ( mirror the screen options and metabox locations of one user and clone it for everybody, but it fails and doesn’t work after i did a test on it)
    can some one help me with this,

    Alternatively although users can later change them if they have the right to screen option as used with Adminimize plugin

    I am really grateful as i also wishes word-press had this by default, for admins to select what users can see using the screen option as it would be helpful in multi author post and few most multi site.

    Am really grateful to all those who has helped made word-press to what it is today, and thank you to all the users who have been volunteering their time and resource to assist the community and forum support.

    Thank you

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    Brajesh Singh on #13472

    Hi Bo,
    I am sorry but the hiding of profile options in the admin needs a lot of hack(using css/js) and I don’t like that way of doing things.

    If you have some plugin that allows it based on role, or removes it , Please link me and I can assist to make it based on roles quickly.


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    bo on #13485
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