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    Tosin on #40259

    Your plugin at https://github.com/buddydev/share-post-as-activity is awesome

    This combined with the follow plugin is just cool, now users can share posts, adverts, events with their followers.

    1. Can you add support to display the button via shortcode with ability to change button text for better context in various post types.
    2. Disable button display in pages or custom post types.
    3. Add better activity display support for https://wordpress.org/plugins/activity-link-preview-for-buddypress/
    4. Ability to limit frequency of sharing to prevent abuse and user spamming.e.g users can only share a post once or twice.

    PS: I never knew of this plugins at github. Is there any reason why they are not displayed in your website. Honestly your repository is a goldmine.

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    Brajesh Singh on #40274

    Hi Tosin,
    Thank you for the feedback and the questions.

    Any plugin which we make available on BuddyDev is fully supported. Supporting free plugins are time consuming and there are times when we do not have enough people to support. In order to limit our support time, we avoid releasing smaller plugins on BuddyDev now( there are many from the past available though).

    Also, I will check with Ravi to see if he can support your requirements. He will be replying here on Monday.


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    Tosin on #40331

    Gentle reminder sir, thanks

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