Show wrong used password in the email from the "WordPress User Login Notifier"

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    Michael on #18991

    Hi @all,

    Maybe it´s possible to show the wrong password that was used when trying to login? I mean in the email that will be sent, maybe you can add the wrong used password there?

    Best regards


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    Brajesh Singh on #18999

    Hi heusmich,

    I am sorry, the plugin is not capable of doing it.

    Also, If we did add it, it will be a security issue and will get us in a lot trouble.

    If you need this feature, I can update the plugin and add a filter to append extra data and share some code for appending it.

    I will still suggest not doing it as it will be breaching the trust of users. It is quiet possible that genuine users enter different passwords(I have done it, used password for some other account on wp sites). It will be like exposing user’s password. It may look good on the outside but my suggestion will be to avoid it.

    The final decision is yours. Please let me know and I will do the needful.


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