Simple Front End Post plugin file uploads

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    James Maiden on #1105

    Hi @sbrajesh.

    Thanks for replying to my other topic: https://buddydev.com/support/forums/topic/simple-front-end-post-plugin-show-add-media-button/

    It doesn’t look like I can reply to that for some reason, so apologies for shifting the thread here.

    I figured out how to include the Add Media button on the form but you make a good point about about UI.

    I really want my users to easily upload files, especially pdfs.

    Your front end post plugin looks like it has a section on the form for File Uploads, but the field doesn’t seem to display. I only see this in the output:

    <!— generating the file upload box –>

    There looks like there is a file upload counting system too.

    What is this and how does it work? Do I have to activate it somehow?


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