Slow as slow can be, on a prelaunch unloaded site

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    Evan Friedman on #42858

    Looking at your specifications, the lowest threshold requirement you indicate is for up to 500 concurrent users which is a lot since we’re talking about concurrent users is a recommendation of 16GB RAM and 8+cores. Obviously, being pre-launch, we are nowhere near those numbers of concurrent users.

    We would have to upgrade to a VPS server, which may not be high enough given the fact we are already reaching limits and are operating closer to a VPS server in terms of resources right now, or to a dedicated server, but costs would be significantly higher than shared hosting costs

    Currently we have been assigned up to 7 cores and 3GB ram on a shared server and still see limits reached for the cores.

    What do you recommend given the resources that are currently assigned; and keep in mind we are still having issues with 1 concurrent user at most?

    We seem to be facing limits being reached with no traffic? Is that normal for your software.

    It almost feels like something else is going on that is eating heavy resources and it shouldn’t be. Is there a something else going on? If so, what is likely?

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    Brajesh Singh on #42859

    Hi Evan

    Welcome to BuddyDev support forums.

    which software you are referring to? I don’t see any of our software having that specification.

    Please provide context.

    Thank you

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