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    Steve on #50201

    In BuddyBoss, is it possible to enable each member to embed x number of (recent or pinned etc.) posts from the social account they specify.

    The WP plugin called YouTube Embed by David Artiss enables one channel to be embedded and a default video is loaded into the YT player. Visitors can click on another video in the displayed library from that YT Channel, and the player refreshes to play it.

    I can already use the above mentioned plugin to display my own YT LilTrucks channel somewhere in my website, but I would like to extend that capability so that each member will be able to display their own YT channel on their BuddyBoss profile page. Options could apply to other social networks like Instagram, Twitter, FaceBook.

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    Brajesh Singh on #50205

    Hi Steve,
    Welcome to BuddyDev support forums/

    At the moment BuddyBoss does not support embedding the feeds on profile.

    I will suggest contacting the plugin author to see if they can allow user from front end to add their own youtube account.


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