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    Carlo on #44512

    Hello, for a while I have been using media press and the service I have received has been very good, I would like to know how I can contribute ideas to this project.
    I am currently using it to create simple intranets
    Admins create folders where they add content, users can only download, this is great, I want to add some points about my experience that would improve for my use:
    – In this part I would like to be able to sort the folders by date or name.
    – In the download part, the videos can also be downloaded, not just previewed.
    – That the description of each folder can be shown
    – Being able to create groups of folders, for example within a “Group A”, have Brand A > Galleries, Brand B > Galleries, Brand C > Galleries, etc.

    Something that I would like to be able to have is the possibility of integration with Elementor

    More moderation options, for example:
    – Only administrators can add content (I have this with short code (thanks for the support)

    For my part, I can provide the translation in my language if necessary.
    great plugin thanks!

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