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    tangpage on #27307

    I like the idea, but i would prefer it to becoming a group fields creator… and maybe it could become both… have option of turning of tabs, just create content. so i could use the content at desired places , like profile fields.

    something like: $group_field_id = xgroup_get_field_data(99,$group_id); so i could echo these field content at some desired places.

    is it possible, please?

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    tangpage on #27308

    i meant something like:

    $something = xgroup_get_field_data($group_field_id,$group_id); ….

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    Brajesh Singh on #27311

    Thank you for the topic and the suggestion.

    It is not possible currently. Also, BuddyPress team is planning to have the xprofile like functionality for group in near future, so that will not make much sense.

    I do plan to provide a way in future to create/save dynamic data but that will be mostly for contents(backed by post type) not by a custom profile field.


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