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    Jaytee on #41925


    Rather than having to manually moderate reported comments for posts removed from view and suspended members, could it have an option like twitter?

    On twitter if content is reported the member is suspended and told which content has caused it on a landing page.

    They have the option to delete that content themselves, unsuspending themselves.

    That would mean self moderation and a lot less work for Admins.

    So an option in your plugin for members suspended for reported content to delete the content themselves and gain full access again.

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    Brajesh Singh on #41929

    Hi Jaytee,
    Thank you for the suggestion.

    This sounds a nice addition. Currently, user suspension is manual, there is no auto suspension. The hiding of reported content is automated based on threshold.

    We are adding it to our feature list for the future release and will evaluate the feasibility with our current implementation. This will need 2 change( adding option to auto suspend user if some of their content is marked hidden) and adding another option to remove suspension on content delete.


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