Sync mulsitsite Buddypress to show same content across network.


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    Mayzfieldtv on #25761

    How can I make it so buddypress is synced across all active subsites in my multisite network as if it is one single buddypress profile? For example, the avatars and covers are only showing up on the subsite that the avatars and covers were uploaded on, but not throughout the network. I would like to make it so when someone uploads on one subsite, it affects all subsites in the network. Maybe a shared media folder?

    I tried to put “define ( ‘BP_ROOT_BLOG’, 1 );” into bp-custom.php and it is giving me a 404 error on the other subsites. Is there a way to do this?

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    Brajesh Singh on #25787

    you may want to take a look at BP_ENABLE_MULTIBLOG


    This should serve your purpose.


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