The Featured Members & Paid Membership Pro plugin compatibility request

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    Hans Simtanda Caspersen on #46304

    Hi, i would like to request a compability between the Featured Members plugin and Paid Membership Pro plugin.
    Currently, i have a free membership called Get BOOSTED/Featured for 7 days free of charge with Paid Membership Pro plugin.

    The problem is i have to manually enable the BOOSTED/Featured feature, because your plugin dosent have an expiry date on this.

    I would therefore like to connect the 2 plugins, so that when a members subscribes, your plugin automatically features them for 7 days as per their subscription period.

    Finally, your plugins css doesent really apply with my theme, so if you have fix for this too i will be thankfull!

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    Brajesh Singh on #46305

    Hi Hans,
    Thank you for using the plugin. The plugin is not aimed at membership site or auto marking of memebr as featured. It is aimed at letting administrators manually mark users as featured.

    If you nee it to automate it, Please feel free to use our customization service.


    Also, Can you please tell us your theme name. We can try to assist you with the css if feasible and the theme is free. In normal cases, it is better if you ask your theme author to support the plugin as it will make it compatible for all of their users.


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    Hans Simtanda Caspersen on #46307

    Thanks, https://themeisle.com/themes/neve/

    Feel free to try the free version. Unfortunately, the theme developer has a voting system. Meaning, that if enough of their users vote for customization then it is applied…

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