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    Raakesh on #21528

    I currently working on my office project. which is a website for managing a hackathon event that occurs every year. Our users will be in teams of 3 people and will be able to post about their project live on our website. This project requires to restrict users to Join the single group and users able to create only 1 group. Please fine below the brief description of the project. I currently using Ultra community wordpress plugin. This plugin helps me to create team but I can’t restrict my users to join multiple groups.

    1.The users cannot be part of two teams.

    2.Group size should be 3 members. If the group filled with 3 members no other users can able to join in the group.

    3.If an user already joined in a group he can’t able to create group. If he left that group he can create group.

    4. If user created a group he will not able to join different group or create another group.

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    Brajesh Singh on #21529

    Hi Raakesh,

    Welcome to BuddyDev.

    I am sorry, we do not support User Ultra(I have tried it a few months back as it presents an alternative for creating communities).

    I hope the User Ultra team will support you.

    Best Regards

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