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    Simon Parker on #23581

    I am using buddyblog with the front end posting plugin for a multi user blog.

    I have a specific issue where some users are copy pasting content from another site to ours. it is including some divs from the old site when it gets posted in.

    Is there a way to include Tinymce or some other wysiwyg editor in the front end form that has a way to purge pasted content of any formatting and other junk?

    Thanks in advance

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    Brajesh Singh on #23587

    Hi Simon,
    Thank you for using BuddyBlog.

    The default WYSIWYG is actually TinyMCE. You are already using it. It is the default behaviour of the TinyMCE or most visual editors to copy the structure.

    I am not sure of any solution. If you want to change the editor or use the plain text one, You can do that by overriding the form in Simple Front End Editor.


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