Tweak and disable buddypress notifications

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    Tosin on #49274


    Please how can I only disable buddypress notification without disabling the corresponding email notifications.

    If I disable the notification component internal notifications and email notifications are disabled but I only want to disable internal notification and not email notifications

    1. Completely remove notification tab
    2. disable recording of internal notifications
    3. still enable all email notifications


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    Ravi on #49276

    Hello Tosin,

    Thank you for posting here. The BuddyPress plugin handles internal and email notifications separately. So, You can deactivate the notification module.

    For e.q.

    // Record internal notifications
    add_action( 'friends_friendship_requested', 'bp_friends_friendship_requested_notification', 10, 3 );
    // Sends email notifications
    add_action( 'friends_friendship_requested', 'friends_notification_new_request', 10, 3 );

    Please check and let me know what type of notifications you are dealing with.


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    Tosin on #49277

    I want to disable the notification component from the settings but still enable email notifications for the following

    1. Private messages
    2. Activity – @mentions
    3. Activity – A member replies to an update or comment you’ve posted

    Please note that I still want users to have access to the email notification settings. I noticed that disabling the notification component would also remove the email notification settings for the 3 items stated above

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    Tosin on #49278

    Alternatively how can I disable all internal recording of notifications in database while leaving the notification component enabled, so now all email notifications settings would be enabled

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