Updates for Mediapress local transcoder

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    Keith on #27471

    I’ve been using the Mediapress Local Transcoder for a while now and there are few things that it doesn’t do that I think it should. First, I think it should create a cover image for the gallery if there isn’t one set already. Mediapress does this for photos, so it would be nice if it could do the same for video galleries too. Second, the thumbnails that are created do have a name or an attachment to a gallery. If you look in the media library, the images show has having (no title) and (unattached) and they don’t have an author. It makes it difficult when looking at as an admin because I think they’re rouge image files.

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    Brajesh Singh on #27488

    Hi Keith,
    Thank you for the topic.

    We will update this plugin in next couple of weeks to have these functionality.


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