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    clyn on #4469

    Dear Buddydev Developer and Forum Community,

    I dont know, is true topic under this forum, but i need to know something. First, i wish i found this site 2 months ago. Because last two months was very hard for me… Maybe missing something. And sorry my bad english.

    1 – I am using now Mediapress. I giveup to use RTmedia. (Please dont as Why, i spend lots of money and no great solution for me). I have 80GB discspace and i am on cloud server. I am using KLEO theme. But, today all people have high megapixel mobile and 1 minute video can be 40-50 MB or more… Think that i have 1000 member and they want to upload everyday 1 video. So, how to buddypress site owner solve this. Is there any pluging to comporess this video to upload to server (our WP media library)? I really dont understand this topic? Today everybody want to upload their videos. Initially, i try to solve that my member will upload youtube or video than embed to my site. But this is not good idea. Can anyone lead me about this topc? Such as 1TB spacedisk on google 9$… Is there any pluging, my buddypress member will upload video (from whats new field on buddypress) and this video will stored on my google drive (cloud) ? Or how to solve this (storeage and traffic limit)

    2 – LIKE BUTTON: Missing something again? There is buddypress-like pluging but lots of bug, latest version from github not add like button after 20 activity (Also they are talking about this on github), wp-u like dont have notification and broke my css, likebtn is crazy because they store likes on their server and they did not give answer me, “what happen when you close your company”… How did you solve this topic. With default bp favorite (Favorite notification is working and i can dispaly who favorited under activity but not Ajax? I bet, minimum 25.000 Php develope on the planet and with minimum 3 years work experience. So totaly 75.000 Years PHP experience and i could find any work pluging? What is the diffuclty? Why, i cant click any link such as who liked will open popup on buddypress to show this…

    Maybe missing or my brain confused…

    Please lead me please…Because i am stopped on my project…


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    Brajesh Singh on #4487

    Hi Clyn,
    1. You can use any of the CDN enabler plugin for WordPress. The Media in MediaPress is WordPress attachment and any CDN hosted file solution for WordPress should work with it. IF it does not, We will help to get that working.

    2. I understnd the issue. I am not sure if I have any recommendation at the moment about like. I don’t like some plugin’s data structure and other has bug.

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    clyn on #4556

    Dear Brajesh Singh,

    I hope oneday you come to Istanbul :), thanks your reply… Ok, topic 1, lets talk more 🙂 … I am on cloud server and have 80GB space…

    1 – If my host company do not support CDN, can we use other server just for CDN? My site will stay on same host but cdn will be different…

    2 – Can my members upload MOV files (iphone tablet) and can we convert this to mp4? and compress this files to decrease trafic limit

    3 – Also could you send me more detail about your professional service about this…

    TOPIC 2 about like 🙂 i think never solve this….


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    Brajesh Singh on #4608

    Hi Clyn,
    Thank you. It will be a pleasure 🙂

    1. Yes, that is the purpose of cdn.

    2. Video Conversion is a resource intensive work. I recommend using 3rd party conversion services. There are some FFMPEG conversion plugin available on wp.org plugin repo. You can use any of them to convert the file types. MediaPress uses the MediaElement Player(used by WordPress too) to play video and that needs video to be h.264 format encoded.

    3. At the moment, I am sorry but I won’t be able to provide any paid service as I am busy with BuddyDev and our upcoming themes/plugins.

    Hope that helps.


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