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    George Hammond on #46048

    hi Brajesh

    So on the back of this I have tried it without renaming the slug.

    The result is that it worked and renamed the tab.

    Not being able to change the slug is really a critical issue for me and I really do wish that it was stated in the sales page for this plugin, that it it won’t change the BuddyBoss slugs for the tabs. It says that it is compatible with BuddyBoss and then lists all the things you can do, including renaming and changing slug of current tabs. I really think that you should amend to tell unwary purchasers about this compatibility issue.

    To me it makes absolutely no sense at all to rename a tab and not the slug, that just seems completely bizarre and pointless. Sadly this renders the plugin useless for my use case.

    I am not trying to anger you, and I don’t know if I am missing something, I do not know what “defining constant for the slug” means for example. But I would hope that you can understand that from my position this is really very frustrating. You had the chance 7 days ago when you first responded to my question about compatibility to tell me that I wouldn’t be able to use the plugin to change the default BuddyBoss tab slugs. Instead you responded to say that it is “fully compatible” with BuddyBoss, but it isn’t if you can’t change the slug.

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    Brajesh Singh on #46049

    Hi George,
    I am sorry, I missed the “slug” part in your first post.

    I thought it is very well understood that you can not change the slugs. The plugin is not only allowing changing label, it is allowing restricting the tab access etc. If you check the dodumentation or the plugin page, we have never mentioned that you can change the slug.

    The plugin is 100% BuddyBoss compatible as BuddyBoss does not offer a programmatic way of changing slug other than defining constant(That too only for top level slugs).

    It is our mistake that we assumed that everyone will know that slug is not changeable. I will update the FAQ on plugin page and add this.

    Also, I will be issuing a full refund of your purchase within next 30 minutes as the plugin is not useful for you.


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    Brajesh Singh on #46050

    Hi George,
    1. I have issued the refund. please check your PayPal account for the same.
    2. I have updated the plugin page Frequently asked question and it now clarifies that the tab/sub tab slug can not be changed.

    Thank you

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