Using both BuddyPress and PMPro Registration Pages?

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    Ivanildo on #15236

    On http://christelijkpodium.nl (a bookings platform for performers) I have set the PMPro Levels Page as the Registration Page, so when performers want to access restricted pages and restricted functionality assigned to higher PMPro levels, they are forwarded to http://christelijkpodium.nl/profielen.

    Aside from the PMPro levels for performers, I also want to give visitors the opportunity to register with a free (BuddtPress) account, so they can follow and interact with the performers on the website.

    What I want is when a user uses the registration link in the top right menu, they go to the Buddy Press Registration Page and whey they go to a restricted page or functionality they go the the PMPro Levels Page at http://christelijkpodium.nl/profielen, the way it is now.

    Is it possible to use both the BuddyPress Registration Page and the PMPro Registration Page in this manner?

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    Ravi on #15239

    Hello Ivanildo,

    Thank you for posting. To use both Registration is a difficult Instead of this we can assign a normal membership level when user register with BuddyPress and if he tries to access a restricted page we can ask for to level up of accessing that content.

    Thank You

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    Ivanildo on #15247

    I don’t really understand how this would look like.

    What do you mean with ‘a normal membership level’ and ‘when user register with BuddyPress’?


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    Brajesh Singh on #15250

    Hi Ivanildo,

    It seems that all you need is to change the register url on restricted page?

    If that is the case, can you please tell me how do we know a page is restricted? I mean, is there any php function that I can call to check for it?

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    Ivanildo on #15462

    Hi Brajesh,

    within the PMPro Buddypress plugin, I can choose between Use PMPro Levels Page or Use BuddyPress Registration Page. It is now set to Use PMPro Levels Page, so users, who are performers can ‘upgrade’ to different levels of service and content, that matches their needs.

    If I set it to User BuddyPress Registration Page, I believe their is no ‘workflow’ that takes a user to the ‘upgrade pages’ of PMPro.

    Pages are restricted based an the PMPro levels created within the PMPro plugin and then on each page I set the PMPro levels that are allowed to view that page, group or forum. Only within the Event Manager plugin these restrictions are managed within the Event Manager plugin itself, which is awesome by the way 😉

    Is there another way that you know of to change the register url for a restricted page?

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